Day 34. Te Kuiti. December 6, 2015

Day 34. Te Kuiti. December 6, 2015.

15 km
Waitomo km 897 to Te Kuiti km 912

After another great breakfast Clare drove me back to Waitomo.   Thanks to Dave and Clare for a wonderful break from the trail.

I expected a rather short day but it was humid and felt long. Some of it was well marked. And then it wasn’t. When I can’t see the next trail marker I usually blame it on my less than stellar vision. But when I talked to others I found out they were just as confused as I was at times.

I felt very lucky for this new section of trail. It is only less steep by New Zealand standards….


There were some nice views.




I could see Te Kuiti hours before I got there

As I walked into town I saw this sign. So, Te Kuiti, just what are you trying to tell me?


In Te Kuiti I called Casara Mesa Backpackers Hostel and they picked me up after I went grocery shopping. I met Nathan and Nils there. It’s a wonderful little place a few kilometers out of town.

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