Day 33. Zero on the Dairy Farm. December 5, 2015

Day 33. Zero on the Dairy Farm. December 5, 2015.

Clare took me to see the Marokopa Falls. All the water crosses their property before these falls.


We then walked from their son’s house across both farms to their house. The size of their property is immense and it’s beautiful. I’ve been walking across lots of farms. It was really special to be guided by someone who knows and loves the land as much as Clare.


All theirs


We ran into Dave on his tractor.


When they built their house they milled timber from their land

Clare then took me back to the Natural Bridge so I could see it in the daylight. Completely different. She also showed me the rocks with oyster fossils.




Dave offered to let me tag along to watch the afternoon milking. Watching the dog keep the cows in line was impressive. The milking barn is a very efficient way to get 420 cows milked. The cows enter a rotating platform. Ryan put the milking machine on the teats. Dave was at the other end and removed the machines. I sprayed an iodine mix on the teats. Mostly I was staring at the back end of the cows trying to avoid any spray and splatter from the cows. I learned quickly to watch for a lifting tail! It’s good to see where your food comes from! I don’t think I am farmer material.



Watch the tails

After more wonderful food and conversation it’s back to the trail tomorrow.

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