Day 26. Huntly. November 28, 2015.

Day 26. Huntly. November 28, 2015.

42 km
Mercer km 719 to Huntly km 761


Looking down on Poges Place

We played hide and seek with the trail and made very little forward progress for at least the first hour. We walked in a complete circle in the tall wet grass in a swamp looking for the trail.

There is way too much pollen in the air. Sneezing, drippy nose and itchy eyes are my constant companions. And I am taking Claritan. Ugh.


After a road walk we got on a stopbank with cows, bulls and very uneven ground. Helen jumped off a stile and landed in a divot. She heard a snap (or a pop or a crack) and pain. Alex called the race track that we had passes 2 kilometers back and they sent out a rescue vehicle… a front loader tractor. Alex and Helen rode away in the basket.


Sitting on the stile Helen just jumped off of.



Off they go!

Update…. severe ankle sprain. Hopefully a week’s rest and she will be back hiking.

Brett, Lisa and I walked away with more carefulness to each step. The “trail” continued to be slow going and a challenge. We finally got to a road.


Where's the trail?

Quote of the day. Lisa: I would hitch and get in a car with Charles Manson right now. But there wasnt a road. We finally got to a road. NO cars were going our way. And very few in the opposite direction.  We walked by a house with some activity in front and bingo. Lisa was on her way to Huntly with the most unlike Manson driver. When I showed up 25 km later there was food, wine, hot shower, laundry, and indoor sleeping all arranged.


Wine and the free glasses Lisa charmed from a liquor store.


You can't even imagine how wonderful this tasted

I’m tired.


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