Day 25. Mercer. November 27, 2015.

Day 25. Mercer. November 27, 2015.

24.5 km
Lower Mangatawhiri Campsite km 693.5 to Mercer km 719.

The day started with 7km of difficult forest track. We crossed paths with 90 13-14 yr old boys on their Journey Back. A trust maintains 3 schools for disadvantaged boys. One of the schools is at the end of the forest track. Another is in Auckland. They are taking 5 days to walk back as part of graduation and their transfer to the Auckland school.


A stop bank is a levee and I got to walk on one for way too many km today.

Nathan is one day ahead of us and told us that Poges Place in Mercer lets TA campers camp for free. Plus we get a shower and towel. And just inside is pizza and beer. Perfect end of the day.

I’m in my tent now. It’s pouring rain. I sure hope it quits by morning.

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