Day 23. Kiwi Magic Shane Style. November 25, 2015.

Day 23. Kiwi Magic Shane Style. November 25, 2015.


Airport km 628 to Clevedon km 661.

I took a taxi back to the airport so I could walk the 14kms we skipped last night. Lisa smartly decided to give her feet a break and wait for me at the holiday park. I left most of my stuff there so I had the luxury of slackpacking  (walking with no pack or minimal pack.)


Morning, near the airport.

I immediately met up with Brett who had stealth camped behind some trees. We walked together back to Manakau.

Lisa and I set off for Clevedon. After a walk thru a botanical garden there was lots of road walking with way too many trucks going to and from the quarry. But there was a great native forest at end.


Photo op!

Then it was off to the Dairy for resupply for a day and a half.  The plan was to camp next to a hotel which was full or we would have booked a place inside.

We stopped at the new restaurant and we’re called over by Shane. He was having a few beers with his sons Joel and Shane. Shane has hiked the Camino in Spain and understands the needs of walkers. We were soon treated to a beer and glass of wine and offered a bed at Shane’s house. How could we refuse? We didn’t.  Shane made us a delicious salmon dinner. After some great conversation we were off to bed.




Sunset from Shane's house.

It feels so good to be horizontal…..

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