Day 20. There’s Nothing Like Family… Even if it’s not yours. November 22, 2015.

Day 20. There’s Nothing Like Family… Even if it’s not yours. November 22, 2015.

27.5 km
Stillwater km 562.5 to Narrow Neck Bay Km 590

We had to wait for low tide at 10:30 to cross the Okura Estuary. It was still up over my waist and a bit scary.


2 horses in the distance just crossed the estuary.


We thought we had it made.....


...and then we got to the deep part. I made sure Nathan went first.

The rest of the day was a beautiful, easy walk along beaches and suburban houses. Sidewalks. Manicured paths.




We are not in the country anymore. And we aren’t alone on the beaches anymore.


This was the most crowded beach I've seen. It's Sunday.

My friend Pete has a cousin who lives in Auckland.  I jumped at the chance to be hosted by them. And they live less than 1km from the trail. Bill, Ali, Jack and Claire were fun to talk to and gave us some interesting comparisons to life in the USA vs New Zealand. Ali told Pete…  “She is welcome for dinner, a bed, to use the washing machine – whatever she would like.” I asked her how she knew just what a hiker would want. She said “I read Wild.” Ha. The evening was great. And thank you, Claire, for your bed.

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