Day 14. Embraced by Tidesong. November 16. 2015.

Day 14. Embraced by Tidesong. November 16. 2015.

33+ km.
Km 336.5 to 369.5

Of all the days so far on this hike, this was the day for rain. Less views and more roads. Plus we had reservations at Tidesong B&B. Some facebook posts raved about this place so we had to give it a try. It was the best decision.


Rainy day view.

Hugh and Ros are the owners. 2 years ago Ros gave Hugh one of her kidneys. 1 year ago they did the TA. Hugh drove a camper van loaded with a mountain bike, food and lots of love. He met Ros at every place possible. They dedicated their trip to awareness for the kidney society.


And now they shower TA walkers with warmth, love, food, conversation and a wonderful place to stay. They give TA walkers an incredible deal also. We had carrot cake when we arrived. Chocolate chip cookies after a hot shower. Dinner with 2 deserts. Breakfast.



The original plan when I made reservations was for Alex and Helen to sleep in the cabin. After walking in the rain all day the last thing they wanted to do was walk outside to the cabin. So we fit all 5 in one room. The Sardines are back! (Salty Sardines is what we called our PCT group because we always slept so close together.)

4 thoughts on “Day 14. Embraced by Tidesong. November 16. 2015.

  1. Lawton Grinter

    Tidesong is great! We met Hugh yesterday … what a nice guy & a fantastic place!! We will never catch up to u!!! Best, Disco

  2. Flore

    Great to hear back from Hugh and Rose. Such great people. Sorry to hear what happen to Hugh, but happy also to see that even in such hard moment they make the best out of it and show extreme generosity.


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