Day 3. Hukatere Lodge. 11/5/15

Day 3. Hukatere Lodge. 11/5/15

30 K

Just walking. And walking. Surf on one side. Dunes on the other. A few shells. A few birds. But it wasn’t boring. The sea foam had dried into all sorts of shapes. It was a Rorschach test. Dancing creatures and so much more.




I had to search for the exit off the beach to Hukatere Lodge. I met 2 German women, Eva and Jana, looking for the same place. We finally figured it out. Later we had 7 TA hikers and 2 others around the kitchen table. The Germans outnumbered the Americans 6 to 3 but they are so polite and so bilingual that they all spoke English. Later the owner, Gabrielle, arrived and shared wine, cheese, crackers and tomatoes. This place is great and has a hot shower and cozy kitchen. $15 to camp or $25 for a cabin with a wonderful view and no one else in it. Easy choice. I’m inside. The kitchen even had food so I added onions, asparagus and egg to my dinner.



My cabin


View from my cabin.

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