Day 2. The Start of Ninety Mile Beach. November 4, 2015.

Day 2. The Start of Ninety Mile Beach. November 4, 2015.

It rained last night. I woke at 2 am to raindrops. It got heavier and I had to extend the beak on my ZPACKS Hexamid SoloPlus. That was just what i needed to do to stay dry. It was still raining some at 6. By 8 it had stopped and I started walking.

It was more overcast today. The first few kilometers were over the headlands. And then onto 90 Mile Beach. Luckily it isn’t 99 miles long. But it feels like it. It is 83 kilometers.


Really nice steps down to 90 Mile Beach. I've been to to not expect these on the rest of the TA

It was gorgeous at first. And then monotony set in. I saw lots of different shells and resisted the temptation to pick any up. There were several dead puffer fish. 3 dead sharks. Some birds.




And then just a long walk on the beach. With lots of time to think.


Looking back to the start of the beach. 3 hours since I got on the beach.

Most of us from last night are camped on the south side of The Bluff which is not to be confused with Bluff which is still 2960 kilometers away.


Me and the lupine. I haven't tried to explain sardine camping to the others. (On the pct 5 hikers could fit in a tent space for 2... cowboy camping of course)

We found great water near this camp. The maps show a creek just to the south of the bluff. Follow this creek up to the grassy area. There is a 4 inch wide pipe filling a horse trough. Good flow when we were there. The last 2 water sources north of here were flowing thru plastic garbage.

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