Te Araroa Eve
November 2, 2015

Tis the night before I start walking the length of New Zealand.

I have spent the last 3 days in Auckland doing the last minute things, buying food and fuel plus recovering from a way too long day of travel.

Today I rode the bus north for 6 hours and am spending the night in Kaitaia. So much of what I saw today is part of the TA (that means Te Araroa from this point forward). The whole way was green. I am definitely not in California any more. Sheep, cows and llamas. Farms.  Forests of pine trees and then jungles of tree ferns. A couple towns we will walk thru. It’s all beautiful and I get to walk thru it all.

While waiting for the bus in Auckland I looked around at the other passengers. I spotted the only 2 people that didn’t have a ridiculous amount of luggage. I asked them if they were hiking the Te Araroa. Sure enough they are. Cecile and Lucas are from Germany and have walked many routes of the Camino. They are also hitching to the start tomorrow because public transportation ends here. Cape Reinga is 110 kilometers north. Then I will head south.  And I will start taking some photos also.

12 thoughts on “TE ARAROA EVE

  1. Suzanne Auchterlonie

    Nancy so excited you made and are ready to walk through that lucious green place. In your honor Sacramento dropped some rain on us today. Eagerly waiting for your posts.

  2. Eric Bow

    Hope you enjoy the long beach walks. The adventurous jungle river/rainforest treks will be up next. They’re pretty awesome. Best of luck and stay safe.


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