3 thoughts on “Anchorage

    1. nancyhikes Post author

      Ha, ha. You know Torres del Paine well. That is exactly where that photo was made. It’s just the header of my blog so it shows up on all the pages. I need to fix that someday! But for now I would rather hike!

      1. Susan "Backpack45" Alcorn

        I don’t blame you for preferring to be outdoors. I remember hiking into this valley quite well. (Actually it was my first experience with heart arrhythmia and I couldn’t make it to the Towers). I hope I know a fair amount about Patagonia (which I loved), because I wrote a book about it 🙂 While I often say that Patagonia reminded me of Alaska in some respects, they are clearly quite different in others 🙂 I am envious of your planned trip to New Zealand.

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