What a difference a couple days make!

July 21, 2015

I just added a few photos to the post Wilderness Volunteers. Despite the rain I had taken a few photos with my phone.  You can see the old and new signs we worked on.

Today I took the bus back into the park to Wonder Lake at mile 85. But today the skies were clear and the mountain was out in all his glory.  What a different bus ride! And since I am camping here for 5 nights I don’t have to immediately ride the bus back. 


Things are looking good for a closer view




The whole Alaska Range was out.


I took over a hundred photos. I couldn’t stop.  I can’t wait to view them on something larger than my phone.  


Within an hour of getting to Wonder Lake  clouds obscured the mountains.  It rained a bit.  Then a rainbow formed.  The skies glowed with color and I was out walking around till after midnight. 


This is midnight!


4 thoughts on “What a difference a couple days make!

  1. Denise Spruce

    Wow! Those are awesome pictures! Hiking at midnight and still having light is incredible! Thank you for sharing your adventure.

  2. Pam Elliot

    Amazing pictures!! If Riley joins track in the spring then he would get the chance to see Alaska! I need to show him your pictures!


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