July 18 to 20

We said our goodbyes after breakfast.


The group

I went to the Mountain Morning Hostel 14 miles south of the park.  Here I tried to recover from a cold.  It was raining most of the time so it was good to just chill.  Plus I figured out what I wanted to do next.  I really wanted to backpack but I was too intimidated by grizzlies and the lack of trails and being solo and rain plus flooding forcasts.  How many more excuses could I have thought up?  So I made a reservation to camp at Wonder Lake for 5 nights.  I still want to see that mountain up close. 


Mountain Morning Hostel


My bunk. A lower one is always best.




I met interesting people from all over the world.  One guy teaches survival skills in Lapland. A couple of First Nations people who lived in Canada just north of Wisconsin talked about changes in their community.  They are both teachers and have seen great changes in pride and awareness in learning their cultural customs and language.  And so many more great people to talk to while cooking and eating.

One of the days I went back into the park and hiked up to the Mt Healy overlook.  I didn’t realize that wasn’t the top and that a social trail kept going to the top.  But I didn’t have enough time before my hostel shuttle showed up. It was overcast so I had minimal views but it felt great to hike up fast. 



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