Umbrella Love and It’s Done! – TRT Day 9

TRT Day 9
22.3 miles back to Kingsbury South

It started raining pretty early in the day. And it kept raining ALL day. And with the rain came low clouds preventing us from seeing any view. This is usually a section with lots of views and we saw nothing.  But I still loved the day. I think it is more unusual to see this section the way we did than with expansive views. After all, it never rains in California! Or in Nevada where we were for half the day. Rain is also so much easier to deal with when you know you won’t be pitching a tent in it.







Another reason I liked the rain today: the rain and low temperatures kept my mushrooms from spoiling.


I finally figured out how I could attach my umbrella to my pack so I could be hands free just like Wired and Rockin. That made ALL the difference in making the day a pleasant experience. I have carried an umbrella for all of the CDT and a good part of the AT and again last summer for some of the PCT and never felt it’s benefit justified it’s weight. Today I LOVED it. And it does look pretty cool in photos!


We finally got back to our cars and the TRT was done. This is a great trail and I am sure I will hike it again.


5 thoughts on “Umbrella Love and It’s Done! – TRT Day 9

  1. BeeKeeper

    Having the umbrella hands free makes so the difference. Glad you got the rigging figured out.

    What a fun threesome you made. All my mentors! Thanks for sharing . . . and now I’ll have more questions for our next get together.

  2. Francis Tapon

    Go Nancy! Congrats on using the umbrella!
    I’ve never been bothered to hold it, but I’d love you to show me your hands-free method so I can talk on my cell phone with hands! 😀
    I hope to hike the TRT with you one day! It’s your backyard!


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