Day 150 – 8/30/14

Day 150
18.8 miles to 2 miles past Methow Pass
2612.3 total miles


I started the day with hot coffee and a cinnamon roll I packed in from Stehekin. I have to keep reminding myself that I’m no longer in a hurry. Starting the day slowly helps with that.



We saw Two Bad Dogs today hiking sobo. They are hiking parts of the trail they missed last year because they took an alternate or missed seeing because the weather was so bad. I last saw them in Lone Pine. They are an amazing  couple and it was wonderful to see them again.

2 day hikers gave us snacks and took our trash. It’s so nice to eat something different. One of them asked how hking the whole trail changed us. After 4 thruhikes I still don’t have a great answer for that. I think it gives me a feeling of smug confidence. I accomplished what I set out to do. But more than that, I had a grand time doing it.


It rained but we still could see. I can easily deal with that kind of rain. It looks so different than when I was here in 2009 in glorious sunshine.

We passed the 2600 mile mark.


Only 2 more nights out here. Wow! I am ready for this hike to be over but I never want it to end.

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