Day 112 – 7/23/14 – Sunrise over the Rim

Day 112
30.5 miles
1864.6 total miles

I got up early enough for a great sunrise.



When I got cold I went inside the lodge and stood in front of the huge gas fireplace.


Once I started walking the fog, clouds and sun breaks over the water made for ever changing views. The trail follows the rim for several miles.



At one parking area I met Ron from the Crater Lake Institute.  He gave me a banana and 3 postcards.
And then it started to rain. Visibility went down to about 10 feet. This continued for about 3 hours. I was cold but warmed up once the rain stopped and I dried out.
When I got to Hwy 138 2 hikers were hitching into town to dry out and warm up. We checked the weather forecast. …. 60% chance of more rain in the next 2 hours. I didn’t join them. I wasn’t that cold and I need to learn to hike in the rain. As predicted it started raining again. I hiked around Mt Thielson and couldn’t even see it.
I’m camped just below the high point of Oregon and Washington…. well protected from the wind. It’s not raining anymore.

2 thoughts on “Day 112 – 7/23/14 – Sunrise over the Rim

  1. Linda

    Ms. Nancy, I have to say you take the most beautiful pictures ever and they are all different!! How in the world do you do that?!! I love your stories as well. I don’t have much spare time but with the bit I have, I look very much to scimming your posts and reading which is so enjoyable. Again, thank you for sharing your journey!!!!


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