Day 111 – 7/22/14 – Crater Lake

Day 111
Crater Lake
17 miles
1834.1 total miles

Lots of hikers were at Mazama Village in Crater Lake National Park. Met Coughee again. First time was in Sierra City. Also Borealis who I met in Lone Pine. I saw Barrel and met Alpaca and Yukon.

Seeing the lake after hiking up to the rim is always special. Not as blue as I’ve seen it before but still amazing.



Sat around the lodge and watched a spectacular thunder, lightening,  rain and hail storm. Talked to lots of the guests who were all very interested in our pct hikes. Some knew the pct very well and had hiked portions of it.


1 thought on “Day 111 – 7/22/14 – Crater Lake

  1. Kylee Sonnabend-Liberty

    I have been following your blog since I met you on the trail between the two Donner Passes. Maybe I will run into you or I can be a trail angel when you get to Washington. I am hiking section K in about a week but will be back home in Yakima after the 15th. Happy trails to you!!

      Kylee  Liberty   Kyle Sonnabend-Liberty  


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