Day 106 – 7/17/14 – Ashland

Day 106
27.5 miles
1726.8 total miles

Motivated by free beer, meeting a friend and a town stop, the miles flew by.


I didn’t stop at Callahan’s in 2009. This time I did and I was rewarded with a free beer. All thru hikers get one. I told the people at the front desk that I was going into Ashland.  I drank my beer with Beacon and then was told that the owner was driving into town and would give me a ride. Cool. Way better than hitching.

I met my friend Joy at the Co-op. Then we drove to her straw bale house. Such an awesome place. Beer, shower, great food, wine and talk……


Sleeping in a bed…..

2 thoughts on “Day 106 – 7/17/14 – Ashland

  1. Janet Steinert/ Slow n Steady

    I went to college in Ashland, and we went to Callahan’s every time we wanted to pig out. So happy to hear you are doing well!


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