Day 105 – 7/16/14 – Oregon

Day 105
30.1 miles
1699.3 total miles
6216 ft up/5277 ft down

Oregon was calling so I was able to get up and start hiking at 5:30. I’m really not a morning person but the temperature is so much nicer early and the sky has the best color.

Beautiful sunrise.




Johnny Rocket was just getting up when I walked by

Hard hot miles. Finally it cooled off… just when we entered Oregon.


When I got to the border Johnny Rocket was there and Maniac soon appeared. I had already decided that I was going to stop at the next campsite a mile away even tho it was only 5:30. I was pleasantly surprised that the guys had had enough too. So I set up camp and ate dinner with them.


Marathon and Fat Dog just rolled in. They left Seiad this morning for a 37 mile day.  It’s perfect sleeping t. mperature and I am tired. It’s 8 and still light out but I’m falling asleep.

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