Day 102 – 7/13/14 – Back to hiking

Day 102
7.5 miles
1614 total miles
1482 ft up/1148 ft down

The time off with family was totally worth getting off the trail for a few days. It means that once again I have lost all the people I was hiking with. I just have to trust that there are so many more interesting wonderful people I will meet out here. And I already know lots of hikers that are catching me. And hiking alone is OK with me too.

I thought today would be a zero but we got back from the Bay Area in time to watch Germany win the World Cup. Jim said he would take me back to the trail…. another 5+ hours of driving for him. I jumped at the chance. It’s heating up this week and is predicted to get up to 111 degrees in Seiad Valley Wednesday. Doing a few miles today should help put me in a better position to do the big climb out of Seiad Valley early in the morning. It will be ugly no matter what.

We gave Six Pack a ride from Etna. He had been hitching for 40 minutes so was very happy to get a ride.

It feels wonderful to be back on the trail. I’m in the Marble Mountain Wilderness. Mostly ridge walking with good views.  I have a nice campsite on a saddle and there is pink color in the sky. It’s my first night camping alone on this hike. So peaceful.


View from inside my tent

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