Day 96 – 7/7/14 – Deadfall Lake

Day 96
26 miles
1542.4 total miles

Porcupine Lake is .2 miles off the pct. In 2009 I didn’t walk over to it even tho I had heard it was a beautiful lake. This time I was determined to swim in it. And it was hot so it felt great.


Atlas in the water

I met 300 there.



Hiked with her the rest of the day. 300 got her name because she went 300 miles without a shower….. she also went 400 miles without washing her clothes.

Camped at Deadfall Lake.




2 thoughts on “Day 96 – 7/7/14 – Deadfall Lake

  1. BeeKeeper

    Porcupine Lake is pretty nice, unless you get inundated by day visitors from Toad Lake. One time there was a group of 30 having a family reunion at Toad and came up for the day. Eh gads!


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