Day 94 – 7/5/14 – Zero in Mt Shasta City

Day 94

We took a field trip to the Etna Brew Pub. The Mt Shasta crew all wanted to see PocoLoco and so did we. She is 4 hiking days ahead of us but only an hour and a half drive away.

It was so awesome to see  PocoLoco. She is banging out 30+ mile days like it is nothing. It was a hiker trash reunion…… Reboot, Homeless Guy, Jolly, Chinese Rock, Guacarock,  Tiny, Brainstorm, Milestone,  Bigfoot, Pockets,  The Fros (Matt & Jenn), Lobo and his mom, Beccy. So much fun.


Then back to Mt Shasta for another feast of conversation, food and drink. Because it is supposed to be so hot tomorrow and because we have a big climb out of Castella AND because this place is so relaxing we have made the wise decision to hike out in the late afternoon.



Thank you Jason and Chris

3 thoughts on “Day 94 – 7/5/14 – Zero in Mt Shasta City

  1. J J

    Thanks for this update, Why Not?. It is great to see you with Mumbles at a place I care about. I appreciate you sharing the joy. Walk well.

  2. Lucky Buzz

    It was great to host you all–and make sure you got food and sleep. I can see that Zero Days are crucial!! Celia’s sister Barb does remember you–and Harry remembers you too, They say hi.


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