Day 93 – 7/4/14 – Mt Shasta City

Day 93
19.50 miles
1506.5 total miles

I had a stroke of genius 15 miles from Interstate 5. We want to go into town. We know Mumbles and his wife, Chris, have a house in Mt Shasta City and are there. Then I remembered an email PocoLoco had forwarded to me way back before we started this hike. A cell phone number. I called. We are set! The next 15 miles flew by. Of course it helped that it was all downhill.



Mumbles met us at the trailhead. We washed our feet before walking across the white carpet to the deck. This deck has the most amazing view of Mt Shasta.  What a place to sit, drink a beer and catch up on life.


Mumbles, Chris, Bayard, Sharon and Ellen cooked us a feast. They had hoped to have Poco here but she is racing ahead and will be in Etna tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Day 93 – 7/4/14 – Mt Shasta City

  1. Serpent Slayer

    OK. So no photos of a bear, although you’ve seen three. How about a rattlesnake? Just one photo of rattlesnake? 🙂 Glad you’re doing well. Thanks so much for the photos. Those are awesome miles you’re collecting!

    –Serpent Slayer

  2. Mike Nelson

    Darn it. Just missed you. We had a big family BBQ yesterday. Hope you have had fun in Mt. Shasta. Dad and I took Chris to Paynes Lake last weekend.

  3. BeeKeeper

    In every photo I see such happiness. You really are living the life! Sorry to have missed you. Another time, another day, another place . . .


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