Day 87 – 6/28/14 – Drakesbad

Day 87 – Drakesbad
10.8 miles
1353.9 total miles

I saw a fox with a big bushy tail. So cool. I don’t know why I stopped and looked up the trail. Just when I did I saw the fox running across the trail. Of course, no photo.

Terminal Geyser was more impressive than I remember.


Boiling Lake was less colorful. So much for memories.



Drakesbad Resort welcomes hikers as much as it can without interfering with their paying guests. Free shower plus towel and shampoo.

Dinner was great. Atlas, Kimchee and I splurged for the prime rib dinner. Awesome except that it got kind of late and was way past my bedtime. Will and Halo ate the hiker special lasagne…. we got the better deal. And better meal.

1 thought on “Day 87 – 6/28/14 – Drakesbad

  1. Susan "Backpack45" Alcorn

    I’ve always loved Drakesbad because of their reputation of being so kind to PCT hikers. It was a treat to be invited to stay in the cabins there last year. Such a beautiful setting and fascinating thermal activity!


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