DAY 86 – 6/27/14

Day 86
31.1 miles
1343.1 total miles

At 4 am I felt rain on my face. All 3 of us woke up. Rewind said she was going to pack up and just start walking. Atlas was smug and snug in his tent. I quickly put up my tent (for the 5th time this whole hike) and went back to sleep. Of course it stopped raining while I was setting it up and it never started again.



Sunrise over Lake Almanor

I met up with the day hiking German couple, Rosalie and Walter. I get a photo this time.

We reached the midpoint marker. Rewind, Dirtmonger and Bearclaw were there when I got there. Canada is now closer than Mexico.

I was counting on Soldier Creek to get water. Just before the creek there was an eerie orange tint in everything. It was fire retardant recently dumped on a burn. The burn was contained to a small area but it contaminated the water. I still got some but only drank a couple of sips. Being thirsty was better than the though of drinking those chemicals. When we finally got to good water I drank a ton.

We were so close to 30 for the day that I wanted to keep going. I passed up a few great campsites to hit the big number. Then there was no flat ground. Atlas and I finally stopped and are camped on the side of a gravel road. We have a nice view of Mt Lassen and I am not on my feet. Life is good.


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