Day 82 – 6/23/14

Day 82
29.6 miles
1254.4 total miles

Lots of interesting people on the trail today.  Rosalie and Walter are from Bonn, Germany. They have been coming to the USA for the past 5 years to section hike the pct. They day hike and always hike out and back. So far they have completed 1000 pct miles.

Dr Jay is from Sacramento and hiking a big section from Mojave to Burney Falls. He’s hiking 40 miles per day to get to Burney by Friday. I told him to look for PocoLoco and Spirit.

Big miles today in the same area that I hiked my first 30 in 2009. Doesn’t seem like a big deal this time.

Camped with Atlas and Turkey Feather.  I’m cowboying. I picked up my bug proof bivy when i went home. It’s making it possible for me to not pitch my tent even when the mosquitos are bad….. like tonight.

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