Day 72 – 6/13/14 – Echo Lake and beyond

Day 72
22.8 miles with a long break at Echo Lake.
1111.9 total miles

Echo lake store… awesome sandwiches. We hung around long enough to have lots more hikers join us…. Chinese Rock, Ed, Guacarock,  Bigfoot, plus more.


My friend Dave joined us and will hike to Truckee. Ray brought us goodies.

Poco got a message from her friends. Trail magic lunch at Barker Pass tomorrow.  The race is on!

Hiking by Aloha Lake and seeing Pyramid Peak made me remember hiking up this peak in 2003. I looked down on this lake and all go Desolation Wilderness. My jaw dropped. It called out to me. I knew I needed more. That’s what renewed my interest in backpacking and eventually led to me hiking the pct. I love that mountain.


Lake Aloha with Pyramid Peak on the left

We passed the 1100 mile mark. Well, we built the 1100 mile mark.


We hiked up and over Dicks Pass. On the way down we navigated thru our final snow fields…. we hope.



Bigfoot and Poco



Dicks Lake

I can hear frogs croaking in Middle Velma Lake. Full moon tonight. I think I will be sleeping before it is visible.

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