Day 71 – 6/12/14

Day 71
21.7 miles
1089.1 total miles





Trail magic provided by the docents at the Carson Pass Forest Service office….. homemade cookies, crackers, hummus, apples, coleslaw.  Yum. And I forgot to take pictures.

Very windy today. Patagonia like winds. And I kept dreaming of Patagonia lamb. I’ve lost more weight than I like at this point on the trail. I’m craving grilled meat! I’ll have a few Zeros in Truckee so I’ll be able to add back a few pounds then.

5 miles to Echo Lake!

1 thought on “Day 71 – 6/12/14

  1. Brenda Rogers

    We have a missing family member may be on the pct from Pollock Pines California headed towards Oregon and Canada. here is a link to his flier from the sheriff dept. please Keep your eyes open. His name is Vernon Cody Matthews missing since June 6, 2014


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