Day 68 – Zero at Kennedy Meadows


Poco, Spirit and I got to Kennedy Meadows North yesterday. We packed up to leave this morning and then just kind of looked at each other and said let’s stay. So we did. And we ate. Lots. I tried to catch up on my blog but the Internet is very intermittent. I got a few posts uploaded but I’m still way behind. Frustrating because they are all ready to post. I just need bandwidth.

One thing that helped keep us here was that we knew that Lobo’s Mom, Beccy, was showing up with Costco hotdogs and polish sausages and other food. Lobo’s dad hiked this last section with him. It was a good decision on our part. The food was great and we got to talk to lots of people. Jen and Matt (now Marmot and Finger Molester. Hey, I don’t make these names up.), Bigfoot, Rewind.

Tomorrow Beccy is driving us back to the trail. Then on to Echo Lakes and Truckee.

I’m hoping that if I don’t add any photos I might get to upload this post… well, that didn’t work. I’ll just post later.

2 thoughts on “Day 68 – Zero at Kennedy Meadows

  1. Nancy Williams

    Hello, Nancy

    I am enjoying your posts!

    I may have contacted you before – I am a trail angel at Bucks Lake. I have been watching your posts and your group is flying along! I’m afraid I won’t be at the cabin by the time you come through. Rats, I wanted to fix you hamburgers while you drink a beer and then shower & do laundry. If you can dawdle until June 24 I will be there then.

    Haha, if I see you are close, I will try to make an extra trip to meet you. Unfortunately, your posts are about a week behind so I can only guess where you are but it must be close now (June 16).

    You all look like a great group of hikers. Best of luck to you as you truck on through.

    Nancy Williams

  2. nancyhikes Post author

    Nancy,,,,, I love it when things work out. I had commitments in Truckee so today is my 3rd zero here. I’m taking another zero in Sierra City on Saturday because one of my brothers will be there. Which means I should get to Bucks Lake on June 24th!!!! Poco Loco and Spirit are now ahead but Grasshopper will be rejoining me in Sierra City. So…. we should see you!


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