Day 67 – Kennedy Meadows North

Day 67 – Kennedy Meadows North
15.4 miles to Hwy 108, Sonora Pass
1018.4 total miles

The landscape suddenly changed from granite and lakes to lava rock and barren mountains. And no mosquitos today.  Yay!






We had plenty of snow to hike thru today. In 2009 I glissaded down. Today we hiked the very long way down the trail.

But our timing was perfect. Tom and Tori and their very cute 2 year old, Kylie, drove up just as we got to the road. They also hiked the pct in 2009. Once we got to Kennedy Meadows North resort they brought out the goods…… Mammoth Brewing Company beer, pasta salad with lots of veggies, pulled pork and chips. We chowed down. This was one of those times that food and beer trumped a shower. And later when I took a shower I got to use shampoo, conditioner and lotion that Tori brought!

Poco Loco’s son and husband drove up to deliver her resupply box, bring us beer, and take our hated bear canisters. It was a good beer day!

My favorite quote of the day….. Kylie came back from a little walk with her dad. “Mommy, I forded a river.” Definitely a future thru hiker.

2 thoughts on “Day 67 – Kennedy Meadows North

  1. bamboobob

    Hey I met Tom & Tori in 2009 in Tahoe City. had dinner at the Ihop I think. Happy they have a bambino !


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