Day 58 – Mather Pass

Day 58 – Mather Pass
21 miles
834 total miles

Cold morning made worse by an icy stream we had to wade across 10 minutes after we started. My feet have never ached this much from cold. I started to wonder about frostbite. And then just when they started to thaw out we waded across another stream. Ouch!




Used microspikes on the way down. They were really nice to have because the snow was still firm. We got out of the snow before we were postholing.  Nice.




Beautiful blue skies were back today. And lots of wildflowers. … spring is starting.



We met one other hiker today… White Water.

4 thoughts on “Day 58 – Mather Pass

  1. Julie Thornton

    I emailed you about Whitewater, but not sure if you got it. Craig met up with him in Bishop and he said he met you. They worked in Yellowstone together while in college. I saw a picture of you on his blog at a rock structure. Small world for such a long trail! Your photos are fantastic!


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