Day 42 – Hitch and “cool” hiking

Day 42
13.1 miles to a mile past Joshua Tree Spring
665.1 total miles

Our prearranged ride back to the trail fell thru. Spent 2 hours trying to hitch. Finally, Doug, a PCTA member, stopped and Poco, Grasshopper, Spirit and I hopped in. Atlas hitched on his own. It took him 3 rides and over an hour more time than us. Women are not supposed to have this much trouble hitching.


Thank you, Doug.

Today was supposed to be hot and uphill so we weren’t that excited about starting at 11. But it wasn’t that hot, a cooling breeze was blowing and the uphill grade was quite gentle. As we climbed we could see far down to the flatlands around highway 395. Circular patches of green shows what irrigation can do. Plus we could see layers of higher mountains.  The Sierra is so close!



We are cowboy camping on a saddle. The sunset was amazing.



2 thoughts on “Day 42 – Hitch and “cool” hiking

  1. Janet Slow n Steady Steinert

    This is an awesome blog. I will have to learn how to do one for my next adventure. You are amazing, Why Not?!


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