Day 30 – KOA Campground

Day 30
17.1 miles
444.3 total miles


Yesterday a forest service employee told us we should be out of poodle dog bush after Messenger Flats because it was at the edge of the burn area. So we got back on the trail after a few more miles of road walking. The lady was wrong. We walked thru LOTS of poodle dog bush and poison oak. And we were still in the burn area for most of the day. Luckily we also passed by some cool flowers.





I used my umbrella to get some shade. I’m still not sure it’s worth carrying the extra half pound. The shade was nice but I don’t think it’s that much cooler.

When we got to the Soledad Canyon KOA Campground it was 100 degrees. Hotest day so far but not too bad. The mostly downhill 2nd half of the day helped a lot. The owners here are REALLY nice to hikers. Towels for the showers. Shampoo. Soap. Really nice to wash my body and clothes clean of poodle dog bush and poison oak.

Lots of hikers camping here. Our group, Gearslut, Paul, Dee, Williwaw, The Colonel,  Monsoon,  Beowolf,  Joey. I think that’s it. I started out cowboy camping on the lawn. 2 mosquito bites and lots of buzzing later and I am now in my tent.

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