Day 15 – AT Friends

Day 15
21.6 miles
253 total miles

We finally know what poodle dog bush looks like. It’s a native plant that grows after fires. If you touch it you can get a rash worse than poison oak. Later it will have pretty purple flowers.



Today was a pretty hard day. As was yesterday. There’s not much water out here so we are carrying lots. And it’s heavy. Luckily it wasn’t as hot today as yesterday.

Best news of the day….. 3 friends from the Appalachian Trail met us. We were stopped for a break and they drove up. F.I.G., Wrangler and Stripe. They gave us oranges and beer. They hiked the last part of the day with us and are camped with us now. A gorgeous sunset was a perfect end to the day.



1 thought on “Day 15 – AT Friends

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