I recently posted this on Instagram and Facebook. I thought it would be of interest to those blog followers that didn’t see it. Plus at the end I say where I will be hiking this year.

Since 2012 I have been using ZPacks packs. My first Blast pack accompanied me on the CDT, AT and from Mexico to Tehachapi on the PCT. After 5500 miles it was fuzzy and had been repaired a few times so I replaced it with the improved model the ArcBlast. I have a really short torso (17 inches.) ZPacks used to customize gear and I had them make me a shorter version. I carried this pack north from Tehachapi to Canada, the length of New Zealand on the Te Araroa, and around Europe on the HRP, GR 20 and Switzerland’s Via Alpina 1. Despite a few repairs along the way this pack has survived 5300 miles of hiking with me. When it was time for a new pack I was happy to see that ZPacks was ready for me with their Arc Scout. It’s a shorter version of the Arc Blast and is the exact same length as my previous pack I had custom made. This pack has so many adjustments and improvements over my previous packs. Just to see how many miles over 5000 I can get with this pack I decided to get it in Gridstop fabric. Plus I liked the orange color!

I’m getting ready to hike Canada’s Great Divide Trail this summer. I’ve loaded 22 pounds into the Arc Scout and taken it out for a few training hikes. It’s awesome! I’m excited to see where we will explore together.

Full disclosure: I paid for my first two packs. Zpacks gave me the Arc Scout. I am honored.