PNT Day 38. North Cascades National Park #2. August 15, 2019.

16 miles
Hannegan Pass
PNT Mile 777

Today was great. Slow but nice views. The climb up Whatcom Pass is described as one of the toughest on the entire PNT. 1700 feet up in one trail mile. It was tough and also an amazing engineering feet to build a trail up that steep slope. There were great views of Whatcom Peak and it’s glaciers while going up.

The pass itself was a disappointment because the views were not that great. I should have hiked up the knoll to the left for a better view. Going down the other side was nice with views.

After the ford of the Chilliwack River I stopped to eat lunch. Soon 4 separate groups of hikers showed up. I guess this is the busy part of the park because it sure hasn’t been busy before this. There is the option of crossing the river in a cable car but Unfortunately it was closed for repairs.

I found some nice chanterelles near the trail.

I’m now camped on Hannegan Pass. It’s so nice to be out of the dense forest and up where I can see out.

Hannegan Pass

2 thoughts on “PNT Day 38. North Cascades National Park #2. August 15, 2019.

  1. Lucy Grittman

    Regardless of the “ups and downs” it is interesting country and you are making good time!! Thanks for the pretty pictures!!


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