PNT DAY 17. Stunning Selkirk Mountains.   July 25, 2019

12 miles
Upper Ball Lake
PNT Mile 273

I think I just passed out last night. I didn’t wake up till 8am. It took me til 9:30 before I started walking.

One of many rest stops today

I finally got out of downfall and fire area.

I crossed over the path to the top of Parker Peak. I didn’t need any extra credit elevation.

Looking down on Parker Lake

I had miles of gorgeous ridge walking.
There’s no water unless you descend to the lakes. I found a snow patch and filled my bottles with snow and got a couple cups of water that way.

The Selkirks remind me of the Sierra

Pyramid Lake

I finally got to Upper Ball Lake. It’s gorgeous. I got here just as the sun was dipping behind the mountains.

View from my campsite at Upper Ball Lake. 6:30pm. A nice time to be finished for the day.

3 thoughts on “PNT DAY 17. Stunning Selkirk Mountains.   July 25, 2019

  1. chuckleber

    Like the Sierras, a regional magma chamber that slowly cooled while five miles below the surface. You may find traces of the volcanos they fed. Glorious.


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