PNT DAY 13. Northwest Peak Lookout.  July 21, 2019

21.5 miles (doesn’t include the ride)
4900 ft elevation gain
Northwest Peak Lookout

I started early to hike 3.5 miles to catch up with Emma and Chris. They were still packing up so I kept going and they caught up to me later. Today had lots of road walking and only about 6 miles of trail.

Lots of mushrooms

We passed the 200 mile mark!

Thunderstorms have happened every afternoon for the last 4 days. We thought that would make it impossible to climb up Northwest Peak. But we lucked out and today stayed sunny. After a few back and forths and indecision we decided to go for it. There’s a lookout on top and we wanted to stay in one again. The approach is 9 miles of road and 3 miles of trail. As we started to eat lunch a pickup stopped and the couple inside offered us a ride to the trailhead. Of course we said YES. They even stopped at the last water source so we could fill up. They were on their way to go fishing. We skipped about 4 miles of road which allowed us way more time on top. Thank you Bob and Sandy. Bob told us there is a flag up on top and asked us to raise it and take a photo and post on Facebook…. An easy way to thank a couple who went out of their way to help us.

This area burned last year and now there are huge morels. I found one.

Every lookout is different. All are old. Some have had more maintenance than others. This one recently had the roof redone and lots of construction stuff is inside and out. It needs lots more work. It doesn’t have a stove but it’s nice out. All but one shutter opens so we get amazing views. I hope the USFS has the resources to fix this one up more.

All shuttered up when we got here

Micah (from the ride yesterday) has a freeze dried machine and makes his own meals for the adventures. He gave me a couple to try out. Emma, Chris and I shared the salmon, sausage and rice meal. It was delicious and way different than what I’ve been eating which is a big treat. Then I had one of my own dinners… Hot because the Brits want to use up their gas cannister.

We have an awesome ridge walk and a sketchy cross country descent tomorrow. It will be interesting.

Tomorrow’s ridge walk.

3 thoughts on “PNT DAY 13. Northwest Peak Lookout.  July 21, 2019

  1. arlettelaan

    So cool that all the lookouts are open! I couldn’t get into any except one in 2007. But that one was still manned then and the lady working it offered me a burger! 😀


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