PNT DAY 10. Webb Mt Privy Bonding. July 18, 2019

18 miles (or 23 by Chris’s watch)
Forest Rd 7183
1508m = 4948ft elevation gain
PNT Mile 159

I’ve been getting the elevation change from Chris’s watch. It really explains why these days are so exhausting. The watch also consistently measures about 20% more mileage which is consistent with what other hikers have experienced. The PNT is a work in progress and the last few years have seen all aspects of the trail improve. But it’s still frustrating to try to guesstimate where I might get to in a day when the mileage is off. Oh well, it doesn’t really matter. The mileage and elevation gain I post only counts what I actually walked. I’ve subtracted out any rides I’ve taken.

We started the day by walking the same 2 miles thru Eureka that we walked several times yesterday. This time with packs. The trail then traverses a rail to trail section to Lake Koocanusa and to the small community of Rexford.

We found ourselves getting to the Frontier Bar just at opening at 11am. We started with coffee. Then it started to rain so we stayed for lunch.

We were soon on the highway for an 8.5 mile slog. It started to rain and a car stopped and offered us a ride. I don’t need to walk narrow (or wide) highways especially in the rain. Chantel opened up her car to let us join her 2 year old daughter, Brooke, and 2 labs. I’m not much of a dog person but when I get a ride like that I love dogs.

We got out at the trailhead to Mt Webb Lookout. It rained most of the way up. 4.3 miles and 3400 ft later we arrived at the locked lookout.

It was windy and we wanted a break. We tried to call the Ranger Station but were 30 minutes too late. It’s rented most nights 6 months in advance but was empty. And locked. But the newish privy was open and we all went in. It’s amazing how much getting out of the wind helps. I know so many thruhikers who have stayed the night in a privy. I would have stayed in this one but it would have been a tight squeeze for 3. Plus we had no water. We changed tops into dry clothes and had a snack. We also each used the privy for it’s intended purpose. All while all 3 of us were inside. We are bonded now.

We walked downhill several more miles to a spring and then on to a campsite near another road. It stopped raining at the top and l we kind of dried out by the time we made camp.

4 thoughts on “PNT DAY 10. Webb Mt Privy Bonding. July 18, 2019

  1. Lucy Grittman

    Looks like a nice ranger station – too bad you couldn’t spend the there!! Privy did sound a bit crowded but bigger then alot of them!!!


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