GDT Day 16. July 21, 2018. Assiniboine Morning Glory.

24.8 km Magog Lake to Trappers Saloon, Sunshine Village and Banff.

Overall GDT mileage point: 435.7 km. (The first 60 km were closed due to the fires in Waterton last summer)

Mt Assiniboine gave us an amazing send off.


We then walked up and down and up, up, up to Citadel Pass.


Citadel Mountain at the Pass


We saw 2 people up to this point but hundreds after. Sunshine Village Ski Resort’s gondola allows access for many people. A hike from the top of the gondola to the pass is a popular 18 km hike. It was windy and icy cold up there.

At the top of another “rise.” It felt like a mountain.

We walked across beautiful high alpine tundra and meadows to finally get to Sunshine Village. We ate at Trappers Saloon and then took the gondola down. The alternative was walking a steep downhill gravel road for 1.5 hours. No thanks.

At the parking lot Keith and Anthony were there and drove us to Keith and Leslie’s house for dinner, showers, sleep and a zero tomorrow. Keith and Leslie are making this hike so much easier in so many ways.

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