GDT Getting to the Trail. July 4 & 5, 2018.

Rockin’s friends, Keith and Leslie, who live in Banff made logistics for starting this trail so much easier. Keith picked us up from the Calgary airport and drove us to Banff. Normally I travel light when I have to carry all my belongings. But this time we both brought ALL our trail food with us. 80 pounds each! Crazy.

In the morning we loaded up all our resupply boxes and mailed the ones to
Field and Jasper. The other ones we dropped off on our way to the start or Leslie will drop off later. We bought bear spray and our National Park Passes.

From 10:30am till 7pm Leslie drove us around to drop off resupply boxes and then to the trailhead to get to the official 2018 start. Last year a big fire burned much of the GDT in Waterton National Park and the trail there is still closed. So to get to the official start this year we have to walk a dirt road and then the Font Creek Trail just to get to the GDT. You need a friend like Leslie to get there.

There was a gate on the road several miles earlier than expected so we stopped there and the 3 of us camped.

Tomorrow we walk.

2 thoughts on “GDT Getting to the Trail. July 4 & 5, 2018.

  1. Lynn Duncan

    I agree with Warren. The trail community helps restore my faith in humanity. It isn’t the only example, but I do love knowing about it.


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