​GR 20 Day 3- Monte Cinto, The Highest Mountain in Corsica – September 5, 2017

Ascu Stagnu to Auberge U Vallone

Distance 9km (5 ½ miles); addition for Monte Cinto: 2km (1 ¼ miles) return

Total ascent 1250m (4100ft); Monte Cinto: 200m (655ft) 

Total descent 1230m (4035ft); Monte Cinto: 200m (655ft) 

Time 8hrs; Monte Cinto: 1hr 30 min
When you read that 5 1/2 miles is going to take 8 hours to walk you know that it is going to be hard. Ridiculous.  

Morning light as we started just before 7am

The ascent was great. Some scree. Some technical rock climbing with chains bolted to the rocks to help prevent falling. But really possible to just get in the groove and walk hard. 

Looking back down from the saddle

The climb up Monte Cinto took over an hour each way unlike what the guidebook estimated. Lots of rocks.

The Corsican flag flies proud on Monte Cinto


The big descent of 1230m (4035ft) was long and steep. I’m just so slow when there are big steps down. My knees don’t like it. 

We are camped at Auberge U Vallone. All the flat areas close to the Auberge were taken but there were some great places a little uphill. When we first got here we were the only ones up here. Now there are tents all around. We ate dinner at the Auberge…. bean and pasta soup, pasta with veal and cheese for desert. And wine. It was good.

Tent photo the next morning

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