​VA1 Day 15 – The Via Alpina / Alpine Pass Route is Done! – August 29, 2017

3km before Montreux to Montreux 
Day total: 3 km 
VA1 total: 319 km

Walking into Montreux was a time of reflection about the last 15 days. We were fortunate with the weather in that we had little rain. I know we missed some views with the fog and heat haze. I enjoyed going thru the villages and farms. My favorite will always be the parts above the trees. My enjoyment went way up after I decided I didn’t need to hike all of the connector sections between the good parts. I am always grateful when I get to the end of a long hike without any serious accidents or injuries. A lot has to go right. And it did.

Walking into Montreux

A statue of a hiker at the end of a long trail.

Hooray! We did it.

We went across the street to a cafe with beautiful food, got some take-away and went back to the lake.

1st course was quiche and coffee. I went back for a sandwich.

Montreux has a great waterfront with lots of art.

This was made from elevator cables.

On our way to Sargans and the start of this hike we made reservations to fly from Geneve to Corsica on September  2nd. Chamonix seemed like a perfect place to relax for a couple days so we hopped on a train. Chamonix’s event of the week is the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc. So everything and everybody in town is all about running. Fun!

6 thoughts on “​VA1 Day 15 – The Via Alpina / Alpine Pass Route is Done! – August 29, 2017

  1. Sarah

    Congratulations! After years of trying to be wilderness purists, my sister and I went into the Swiss Via Alpina accepting at the start we were going to use available means to bypass some of the less interesting connecting sections (e.g. we skipped much of the descent to and climb above Meiringen) so I’m glad to hear your enjoyment went up when you started using these amenities more. We also ate our way across that route, particularly enjoying small-farm treats. We figured we were going to the Alps and we should not ignore those aspects of the Alps.

  2. Jim Hanschu

    Congrats on another notch in your massive hiking belt. Looking at your pix of Schweiz makes me want to be there! Cheers from the roasting Central Valley…

  3. Lynn Duncan

    Roasting in Orange County but hurting for Houston..

    Enjoy Chamonix!! That was a wonderful stop on the Amazing Race and also for Wired and I know you will have your own ways to experience the place!

  4. Warren

    Congrats on yet another finish.

    That bronze statue you posed next to is quite the Amazon! Kind of fun how art can stretch and mold and add expression to a character.

  5. Hans Hellwege

    Hey Nancy,
    we’ve met at the Blümisalp in Switzerland and spend some time talking.
    Jim showed me some of your gear and I like to ask for some advice on that. You seemed to be very professional 🙂
    I guess the tent was zpacks…? Anyway, I’m planning to walk the GR20 with my son and looking for some light gear… so, what kind of tent, backpack, sleeping bag and shoes could you recommend?
    Thanks and hope you’re are well and enjoying life,


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