​HRP Day 42 –  Delaying the End –  August 12, 2017

Saint-Martin-de-l’Albère to saddle after Pic de Sailfort.
The wind wasn’t a problem last night and I got a great night’s sleep. 

This morning we walked up to the Gite d’etape on the Col de l’Ouillat. It was cold. We found Pierre there. We’ve been hoping to catch him since l’Hospitalet-pres-l’Andorre.  

We got coffee at the gite. That took over an hour as it always seems to. 

Looking back at the last of the high Pyrenees

The Mediterranean Coastline

We need to slow down. We have to pick up a package with my new shoes and other miscellaneous stuff. Tomorrow is Sunday and the post office is closed.  We could finish today but then we would have to stay another night in Banyuls. 
Instead we stopped just a couple hours from town in a great spot with a view of the Mediterranean and the town of Banyuls-Sur-Mer.  

That’s the end…. Banyuls-Sur-Mer

Final on-trail dinner

7 thoughts on “​HRP Day 42 –  Delaying the End –  August 12, 2017

  1. French family

    WAOUH ! You are the best. It must be fantastic to see Banyuls after all these walking days (and not walking dead, you look in a very great shape !). Congratulations
    I tell you again, if you want to have a rest on the Bassin d’Arcachon and drink a cup of champagne, do not hesitate.

  2. jerrywh

    Nancy, the food looks lovely .. you carried a glass bottle?! Also, I do hope you realise that vin doux naturel typically has about 16% alcohol, similar to sherry or port .. I have this vision of you staggering down towards Banyuls 🙂

  3. Adriana

    Thank you for sharing all your great experiences.
    Love it!!!!!

    We meet at Mt. Rainier in WA
    I am from Mexico.


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