​HRP Day 37 – Spectacular Ridge Walk  – August 7, 2017

The Village of Eyne to Refugio d’Ull de Ter

Morning view from our room

Today was awesome. It didn’t rain. We walked on trail with few rocks. We walked on the France/Spain border for a couple of hours. This means the spine of the Pyrenees from which we had stupendous views. And we met up with Brian and Joanna from the USA who are walking the GR11 and whom we met back on day 9 in Candanchu.

Walking up the Eyne Valley

Col d’Eyne

Views everywhere we looked

Pic de Noufonts

And then the fog rolled in to make things more mystical

Luckily the fog didn’t last long and the views came back.

Lots of lakes that we didn’t go down to

We are staying at Refugio d’Ull de Ter. We got here at 2:30 and ate a 2nd lunch…. Plat del dia which was salad, rice and a big sausage (botifarra) and I ate it before I even thought about taking a photo. We thought about walking farther but it’s supposed to rain in the morning, there is a big waterless stretch coming up, there is no sheltered camping for 5 hours and this way I can have wine with dinner. 

Dinner was the best yet. Soup with rice, carrots, onions and celery. Salad. Yes salad at a refugio. There is a road close so all food does not need to be helicoptered in. Roast beef with onions and mushrooms. Watermelon. I’m stuffed. 

Tomorrow it might rain in the morning. I hope it doesn’t.

7 thoughts on “​HRP Day 37 – Spectacular Ridge Walk  – August 7, 2017

  1. lastersaurus

    Hi Nancy!
    Just caught up on your blog – looking great!

    Here’s Paul going over Mather Pass in 2014, we camped together at Middle Rae Lake that night.

    And here he is with Chantal in Colorado in 2015, we crossed in different directions somewhere along the northern end of the CT.

    Really not sure they would remember me though. Hah.


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