​HRP Day 35 – Perfect Day For Pic Carlit  – August 5, 2017

1 hour before Etang des Fourats to the village of Boquere

It was perfect sleep but we woke to the most condensation yet.

The mountains behind us lit up in the early morning light.

We started at 6:30 and walked the rest of the way up to Etang des Fourats and then the real climb started. It is steep and all on loose rock and scree but luckily there was a well worn path up that we followed. 

See the intimidating path up

We saw no one on the way up. We were also alone on top. 

Pic Carlit

Layers and layers of mountains and lots of lakes.

There was one couple that camped on the minor summit. What a grand site they had. It must have been an incredible sunrise. The descent is steep and requires the use of handholds thru some narrow sections. Luckily we also had the mountain to ourselves for this part. 

Some of the tricky steep downhill section

And then the hoards of people showed up. Peak bagging is huge in the Pyrenees. Today was a gorgeous Saturday in August and LOTS of people were out enjoying the day. Pic Carlit is the highest peak in the Catalonian Pryrenees and is a classic summit to climb. The up and back route most people climb is a really long day hike. Kudos to all who make that hike.
After the steep rocky part of the descent we walked by one beautiful lake after another. 

I think this is about proper etiquette around sheep dogs. Don’t be aggressive.

Camping is allowed at these lakes from 7pm to 9am.

I’m sure it’s pronounced differently in French but pronounced the English way this is a pretty funny name for a hotel.

We finally got to the huge dammed Lac des Bouillouses. There is a road here so that meant lots of parked cars and even more people. We had coffee at the Gite and ate our lunches there. We asked if we could eat our own food at their table on the deck. Just as most other places over here the bar tender said no problem. We dried out our tents and sleeping bags in the sun and kept walking downhill. 
Our umbrellas were perfect for the little rain we got walking into Boquere. The store was open till 7 so we checked into the Auberge and then did some shopping. It’s a great little store with fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese, meat, bread, cookies, bars and lots more. We ate dinner at the Auberge and that was pretty good. 

3 thoughts on “​HRP Day 35 – Perfect Day For Pic Carlit  – August 5, 2017

  1. jerrywh

    Still some high points to come tomorrow .. the Pic de Noufonts (2861m) and the Col de Neufs Croix are memorable places! And the plateau and ridge walk the next day, after Plan de Ter, I much enjoyed.
    You are still doing so well… good luck with les patoux – the poster says “my instinct is not to attack but to dissuade,” but they can sometimes dissuade quite aggressively! Still, I have never heard of one biting


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