​HRP Day 32 – Pot Mailed and Out of Serat  – August 2, 2017

El Serat to 1/2 hour past Cabana Coms de Jan

The breakfast buffet was great. Eggs, bacon, coffee and so many other things.
A couple also staying at Hotel Pradet offered us a ride to Ordino where we were hoping to mail Wired’s pot and resupply for the next 2 days. Unfortunately since this is Andorra and we want to mail to France the package would go to Madrid, then Paris, then Banyuls-Sur-Mer which is the end of the HRP. It would take too long. But there was a French post office in La Massana and that would be faster. So we walked the 20 minutes to La Massana. Unfortunately the package still has to go thru customs so it might get there Saturday which is what Wired wants. But it might not get there til Monday, time unknown. There was no overnight or faster option. So I mailed it and now it’s out of my pack. 

We did our resupply at the 2 places the information office told us about. And then we saw the much bigger store Wired had told us about. Oh well, we got what we needed. We tried hitching back but the roads are narrow with no place to pull over. We ended up taking the bus back.
It was hot when we got back to El Serat and I was dreading the hike uphill. We left at 2pm and it wasn’t bad. I got all sweaty but then a light breeze started and acted as air conditioning.  

Interesting sculptures on the wsy up

That’s the col

There were lots of switchbacks up to Collado des Meners/Coll de la Mina. Lots of hikers were returning from hiking up the nearby peak. At the pass we were rewarded with great views. 

Looking west from Collado des Meners/Coll de la Mina

Looking east from Collado des Meners/Coll de la Mina

Wired had warned us that the book route to the next cabana didn’t go. The book also mentions that following the red and orange paint blazes gets you to the same place. That’s what we did. One of the map sets I have on my gps map app shows the trails around here. I think the gps point for a junction is wrong and that’s why it didn’t work for Eired. But we didn’t test this theory. 
We got to the Cabana Coms de Jan and there were 2 Catalon women in front. They were spending the night in the cabana. There were also at least a dozen horses around and in the cabana. The horses also had bells. The cabana has 2 sides. Apparently one side is for humans and one side is for horses.
We got water and walked another half hour. It was quite windy and it was impossible to find a flat place that was also well sheltered. We settled on a spot in a slight dip that is somewhat sheltered. It has a great view and mobile service. And now 3 hours later the wind has died down. I thinks it’s going to be a good night. Hopefully the horses don’t find us. 

Jim’s priority was eating dinner. Mine was setting up my tent.

3 thoughts on “​HRP Day 32 – Pot Mailed and Out of Serat  – August 2, 2017

  1. Wired

    Oh man, I feel so bad about the pot efforts! Not sure if it will be there tomorrow and crossing my fingers!!!


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