​HRP Day 29 –   – July 30, 2017

Noarre to Refugi del Cinquantenari/Baborte
On our way out of Noarre we filled our water bottles at the village fountain. Every town or village has one. It’s always been delicious water and we never treat it.

I love the slate roofs.

We started the climb up in the nice cool early morning.

Estany de Flamisella

Estany de Guerosso

Starting down from Coll de Certascan

Estany de Certascan

Does life get any more beautiful than this?

Refugi de Certascan

At Refugi de Certascan we each ate an omelette and then ordered another one to split.  We got sandwiches for dinner. We stayed at the refugi for 2 hours. Charged our phones and got Internet (no uploads or video viewing.)

We decided to take the red/white marked route down to Plateau de Boavi. This allowed us to avoid the “wilderness walk” that Wired described as awful.  It took us 3 hours. The same as the estimated time in the book for the other way. It might not have saved us time and it wasn’t the most beautiful but is was straightforward and got us to where we needed to get. 
Then we had an almost 1000 meter climb up to Coll de Sellente.  It was the best climb yet. Shaded for the first half. Wide smooth trail with switchbacks for much of it. It makes me think we might be on to easier terrain. 

Almost to the top. Just up the switchbacks and then to the left. That got us to a faux col.

The cows greeted me at Coll de Sellente. Little did I know that I would see them later.

After a straightforward downhill we arrived at the unmanned Refugi Cinquantenari.  Wired left her titanium cooking pot here 4 days ago and asked me to look for it.  When we got to the refugi there was one Spanish guy. He said 3 Frenchmen and their dog were out fishing and were also staying in the refugi. I looked around. I could see a pot in a Gossamer Gear bag with one of the men’s belongings. It had to be Wired’s. I looked inside it. It was filled with dog food which is especially hilarious if you know Wired. She is no fan of dogs. Jim and I sat down in the refugi and ate our dinners hoping the 3 men would return to the refugi. They didn’t so we emptied the dog food out on the wrapping from our sandwiches. In case they didn’t speak English I typed into Google Translator asking if they found the pot before we walked back toward the men. It was definitely Wired’s and they were very nice about it. One of the men had a Tenkara fly fishing rod which I have read about but have never seen. Theirs was a special Pyrenees model. We talked about that some using the little english they knew.

Jim and I set up our tents in a flat, sort of sheltered area down by the stream. As we were getting into our tents about 30 cows showed up. We were able to get them to move away. But at 9:30 pm they came back. 

All is well before the cows showed up.

They are way too close to the tents. Their bells are too loud but some of them are laying down. And I just want to sleep. 

7 thoughts on “​HRP Day 29 –   – July 30, 2017

  1. Wired

    I’m so excited about the pot! Well, not about the dog part, but it was a miracle that it was still there four days later! THANK YOU!!!

  2. Lynn Duncan

    Good catch on the pot.

    What is that saying “til the cows come home” ?

    (For you, til the cows go away”)

    So I had to search

    Till the cows come home
    For a long but indefinite time.
    Cows are notoriously languid creatures and make their way home at their own unhurried pace. That’s certainly the imagery behind ’till the cows come home’ or ‘until the cows come home’, but the precise time and place of the coining of this colloquial phrase isn’t known.
    Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher published the comedy The Scornful Lady in 1616. The earliest printed version I have seen dates from 1717 and it includes this line.

    Kiss till the Cow come home, kiss close, kiss close knaves.until the cows come home

    Groucho Marx was never one to pass up an opportunity for a play on words and this occurs in his dialogue of the 1933 film Duck Soup:
    “I could dance with you till the cows come home. Better still, I’ll dance with the cows and you come home.”

    Now if only you had Groucho dancing with the cows, it might have been more entertaining.
    I gather from you and Wired, that the biggest beef is with the cowbells?


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