​WAITING IN HENDAYE – June 29 – July 1, 2017

A big storm with lots of rain and wind changed our original start date. Since we have no schedule, why start in the rain? Instead we got to see more of this wonderful part of the world. 
We left Paris on the train with no reservations for a place to stay. We scored big time. I think we have the best place and best hosts in all of Hendaye. Michel picked us up from the train station and took us back to his and Dany’s home. Here’s the view from their kitchen…..

As nice as that view is Michel and Dany are even nicer. Jim nor I speak or understand French or Spanish. Our hosts say they don’t speak much English. But it’s working quite well. Google translate helps! They are a very interesting and well traveled couple…. and so helpful.  I highly recommend staying here before starting/ending the HRP or GR11, or just to be a tourist. Contact info:



The first day we took a water ferry across the inlet to Spain and walked around the old town of Hondarribia. 
Back in Hendaye we ate at a great restaurant where we could watch the surf. 

The 2nd day we took a train to San Sebastian and walked around.

We went back to the same restaurant for dinner!

Wired is coming in on the train today! We will all start tomorrow. Rain or shine! 

6 thoughts on “​WAITING IN HENDAYE – June 29 – July 1, 2017

  1. Lynn Duncan

    How interesting that you and Wired are in the same place and waiting for the same storm to move on!

    So looking forward to your journey this summer.

  2. Warren

    Looks like you are having fun.
    My wife has always wanted to go to San Sebastian and I’d like to as well. Maybe someday.
    Hope your start tomorrow is a dry and happy one!

  3. Eric Bow

    Be careful once you get up in the high elevations of the Haute Route. The thunder storms were the most violent I’ve experienced in all my time on trail. That being said, you’re in for another wonderful adventure. As for me, I start the Sierra High Route in a couple of weeks. From what I’ve read, there’s still an awful lot of snow up there. Guess I’ll have to re-read your posts to pick up as many pointers as I can. Take care and enjoy.

  4. Beth Gouge

    I’ve been to San Sebastián. Nice place! Have fun Nancy- be safe and walk on! 🚶🏽‍♀️


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