Zero in Lone Pine. July 14, 2016.

A zero in Lone Pine was the perfect way to savor the feeling of accomplishment from finishing the Sierra High Route. Now we have to get back to Wired’s car on the other side of the Sierra. So of course we are going to walk and there is a perfect trail to do that.

The High Sierra Trail goes from Whitney Portal to Cresent Meadows in Sequoia National Park in 68.5 miles. It is all trail but still plenty of up and down. 11,854 ft up and 13,354 ft down.

Let the fun begin.


Breakfast at the Alabama Hills Cafe

7 thoughts on “Zero in Lone Pine. July 14, 2016.

  1. nikita

    Well, that cinnamon bun should fuel at least one mile. 🙂 I’m off to make breakfast (wonder why the urge?) and godspeed to you three. Freaking amazing.

  2. Warren

    Love that photo of breakfast. Glad you didn’t put catsup on it like one of the others in your little band did!


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